September 15, 2011


Completing one year together is an achievement for us :)

Hello people :)

today we celebrate together our first year relationship. i don't like to mention anniversary, it more to people who get married. hikhik
okey. back to our story, we come out aroud 2:30pm. it's was late already, but today his has a class. so we not to much plan what we must to do today, but we just follow the flow. amboi.

FIRST, his drop at CIMB to draw some money, yehaaa ! boleh shopping :') todayyy he draw so many many many MONEY.
so ape lagi, kita ENJOY.

THEN, we plan to enjoy our TRUTTI FRUTTI, but it just a plan. we did not go there. sobs :( because we do not know where it's place. dasyatkan ? maklumkan. it new at KB :)

NEXT, we went at TESCO. it just about ONE thing that important in our relationship,ewah-ewah. yessss ! we got it. BIG APPLE people.
BIG APPLE its the simbol for our relationship maybe. hikhik. he propose me by treating his BIG APPLE. *kecik-kecik dah pandai

AFTER that, we try to look guitar. for youuu la boy. tapi tak jumpa :(  laen yang cari, laen yang jumpa. Kami jumpa DOMO :) akhirnya dapat jugak. thank you awak !

SO, after we looking around. cuci-cuci mata, * tak da pape pun kat tesco. then we go to KBMALL. the only ONE place, that so  many many people lepakinggg, enjoyyy, meet their friend there. maklumla, Kota Bharu tak de sgt tempat nak bersosial bagai.hikhik

my stomach sound very roughly, HAHA. it's notice time to EAT. this part i love very much. sape tak suka makan kan ? today kami makan PIZZA HUT. memang part paling suka kalau makan. tapi kalau part menunggu. aduyaiii. so LONG LONG time we wait for our dish. debush. lambatnyeeeee T________T. people behind me, dah dpt makanan. even we come first. lalalala. perut lapaaaa, sabar-sabar. hikhik. then, bila tnye baru sampai -.- come on waiter !

Maka, kenyanglah kami. then, we round-round KBmol first, cool blog satu ! so longggg que, if me, klu ramai orang tak beli dah. tapi si gendut nak. menunggu lah disitu -.- HIKHIK

NEXT, try searching, looking, guitar for him. last-last, kami pergi beli dekat PKT. lucky, nasib baek ada. it late evening already. then, he send me to my heaven, cehh. pulanglah merpati ke sarang masing-masing :")


check it out

boy of story :)

girl of story :)

entahla labu :')

kenyang perut suka hati :) lalala

bergamba bersama domo :) hikhik

muka orang excited :")


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Hanis MY said...

Cik Abe study sn jugok ko pjj?